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First Up Cleaning Specialty Services

COVID Prevention

We have strategies that use surface sprays to prevent viral growth, as well as UVC technology to eliminate viruses in rooms and facilities. Read More

Starting price per room

Porter Services

Have a property that needs maintenannce? No problem! We’ll keep your common areas clean and toss your trash curbside or in receptacles. Read More

Starting price per week

Event Cleaning

It doesn’t matter if you need help during or after an event, we’ll develop an affordable plan for you. Focus on the party, and leave the rest to us! Read More

Starting price per event

Carpet Cleaning / Upholstery Cleaning

A clean carpet can be an accent to a home or business. We’ll take the struggle of removing stains from carpets, furniture, and curtains off your shoulders! Read More

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Services To Assist A Busy Life

The Specialty Cleaning Services that we provide in New York were developed based on consumer demand and request. We are always looking for ways to provide any cleaning services that would help make your life easier.

If you have any other services that you would like to suggest, please contact us and we will determine if it can be considered as an addition to our menu of services.You can look forward to us being able to provide services that will give us the advantage of being a one-stop cleaning company filling all of your cleaning needs.

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