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How To Prepare For A Home Cleaning Service Visit

Learn tips on what to do and expect when ordering professional home cleaning services


Make Areas Accessible For Cleaning


The first tip on how to prepare for a home cleaning service visit, is to be sure to make areas easily accessible for your house cleaners.  This includes removing bulk items or hazards, and making sure pets are secured, so cleaning technicians can clean effectively (Clear away clutter and excessive items in rooms and bathrooms unless you are requesting organizational services. When our cleaners have to clear in order to perform house cleaning, extra charges may have to be assessed.).


Empty Areas For Requested Cleaning

Upon requesting fridge, oven or cabinet cleaning, try to makes sure these items are emptied prior to appointment. (Most people don’t like others touching their things.)


Professional Cleaning Services

We’re a janitorial services company, that can also provide maid services. Our cleaners professionally sanitize and clean, but we do not make beds, do dishes, or organization unless specifically requested when placing your order.


We know that you’re looking for a great looking home, and our team wants to give it to you!  Try not to make them uncomfortable during house cleaning by micro-managing. You both will be more productive and happy without it. Should you have any concerns during your appointment, contact us immediately!


By the time the job is done, be reasonable in your cleaning expectations. Remember, the technicians are cleaning your home,…not remodeling it.


If it makes you feel better to secure delicate or valuable items before the visit, feel free to do so. It will help reduce the risk of any unnecessary damage during your house cleaning. Also, if items that require detailed cleaning are expensive and/or delicate, you’re required to separate the components for the technician’s ease of access (This includes refrigerators, ovens, windows & screens, as well as, other fixtures and appliances.).


When the job is complete and you are very happy, consider giving a tip. Our cleaners would greatly appreciate it!  Learn the details of our Residential cleaning services.

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