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If you have general knowledge about the facility or office building that you need serviced, it will make it easier to provide an estimate for your office & commercial cleaning quote. Usually we schedule a walk-through of your business and can quickly generate a proposal, listing all the services that we will provide to you. There is no obligation to commit, and we will be forthcoming with the best prices and ideas suited for your project. Complete the form below as best as possible and one of our team will contact you. Have a great day.

What is a Commercial Cleaning Quote?

A commercial cleaning quote is an estimate or proposal provided by a cleaning company for their services to clean a commercial or business property. The quote typically includes details such as the cleaning needs, scope of work, frequency of service, estimated time and cost, and any additional services requested by the client. The goal of a commercial cleaning quote is to provide transparency and clarity around the professional cleaning service being offered and the associated costs so that the client can make an informed decision about whether to hire the cleaning company. Although It is important to get multiple quotes from different commercial cleaning companies to compare pricing, you must be sure that the details and quality of services offered are the same and communicated clearly before making a decision strictly based on cost. It is a good idea to ask if a commercial cleaning cost includes cleaning supplies and any additional labor cost.

Should I Use My Own Workers or Hire Professionals to Clean My Office Space?

If you want thorough janitorial service and lack the necessary resources to hire a worker who may possibly have to be compensated with an hourly rate, insurances, and medical benefits, hiring professional cleaners can ensure that your office is cleaned to a high standard without these complications. Professional cleaners also typically have access to specialized equipment and cleaning solutions that may not be available to you. Additionally, outsourcing cleaning services can allow you and your staff to focus on other important tasks and responsibilities. Ultimately, it is important as a business owner to carefully evaluate your options and choose a solution that meets your needs and budget, but don’t forget that quality of service should not be sacrificed for lower costs.

How Are Commercial Cleaning Prices Calculated?

Commercial cleaning prices and office cleaning service prices are typically calculated based on factors that set the standards for commercial cleaning rates, such as the square footage of the commercial space, the number of rooms and bathrooms to be cleaned, the frequency of cleaning, and any additional services requested. For example, the price of cleaning offices may differ dramatically from the overall cost of cleaning medical facilities based on factors such as deep cleaning requirements. Our cleaning company also takes into account the type of surfaces to be cleaned, as well as their condition and accessibility. We are then able to determine the best way to upkeep the sanitation of your facility and can provide you with an average cost or flat rate. It is important for our commercial cleaners to obtain accurate information about your needs and requirements to ensure that you receive an accurate quote. We also make ourselves available to perform a physical walkthrough of your establishment to gather any additional details or concerns that may need to be addressed.

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